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 September 2011 Donation for the children of Namiemachi                                                 

September 20th, I went  to Nihonmatsu in Fukushima Prefecture, to meet Mr Baba, Mayor of Namiemachi,

Nihomatsu is the City where the temporary Town Hall of Namiemachi  is located,

It was really a very sad day, it was raining so hard, and my heart was ful of sorrow.

The Members of The Tokyo Women’s Club were very generous, since April 2011,the Club  collect 300,000 Yen

Mr Baba, was so moved by our donation and promised  me  to use it in the best way to help the most needed children. His task is huge, he said, because  his office and the people had to move 3 times  since march 11, to avoid  the high level of the  radioactivity. this situation was  not only for Namiemachi , but others cities  of the same region as well. The  people  suffer a lot, many questions are still without answers. For instance, when they will be able to return to their town,  It will take years. For some of us, maybe never. But every day with renewed hope, we will never give up.

He thanks  deeply  the Tokyo Women’s club for his solidarity, All my people need it desperately, he says.

Mayor Baba of Namiemachi and President Ara

December  2011

March 2012

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