1. About Us


In accordance with the Constitution and the By-Laws, the Club is run  by a Executive Committee, composed by Officers, and Chairpersons of a Standing Committee.


President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Assistant  Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Historian
Standing Committee
Membership, Assistant Membership, Nominating, Social, Year Book, Web

Chosen with a list of candidates and be approved by the Committees and the Members.

Membership, Year Book, Assistant Membership, Nominating, Social,

Membership shall be limited to 200.

The Club- language is English, The  Japanese Members should have a good knowledge of English

Any Tokyo resident may be invited by a member as a guest to a regular Meeting.

Application for membership shall be made by the applicant to the Membership Chairperson with written endorsement of two regular members of at least one year’s standing, and be approved by the Executive Committee,

Every 2 Years, we publish a Year-Book with the names of Past Presidents from 1908 until today,

Names of the Officers of Executive Committee and the Name of Chairpersons of the Standing Committee.

List Honorary Members Diplomatic and others which have giving support and have friendly relations with the club

The Constitution and the By-laws reglementation, The names, and address and telephones numbers of the Members.


We maintain strong commitment to organize at the Monthly Meeting,( 1st Monday of the month) varied and dynamic activities as Musical recital, Demonstrations, Lectures, Dance performances, excursions, and others.

This diversification of the club’s activities is by no means a recent development.

As one of the oldest Women’s Club in the world, our objective is to continue to widen our horizon, to promote intellectual exchange, cultural interest, international goodwill, and friendship.

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