Monthly Meeting May

Can you imagine, there are enormous underground water reservoir in Odaiba?
We would like to take an outing with you to find out, how our drinking water in Tokyo
is produced, and from where it originates.

After the tour of the museum, we will move to the Tokyo Baycourt Club, to the
Italian restaurant “O Z I O “, located just next to the museum. There we can enjoy
the delicious Italian cuisine of the world-reknowned chef, Mr Toshikazu Tsuji.

We will then introduce an encore concert by soprano, Ms Izumi Morikawa, during
our lunch. Those who had the pleasure of experiencing her stunning performance in
our March Meeting, will undoubtedly remember her beautiful powerful voice.
D A T E : May 10 ( S E C O N D T U E S D A Y )
T I M E: 10:30a.m. (Meeting in the EXIT of the JR Rinkai Line Sta.
“ Tokyo Tele-Port “ ) until 15:00p.m.
F E E: \5,000 for members (club subsidized)
\6,000 for guests
O P T I O N: Tour of the Baycourt Club
and/ or Individual Tea time in the Lounge


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